Anesthesia Servicing

Anesthesia services may include, but are not limited to general anesthesia, supplementation of local anesthesia, or other supportive services that provide members with optimal anesthesia care during a procedure. We supply the highest quality anesthesia machines for purchase and offer superior  maintenance of anesthesia machines that are currently in use by testing for system leaks, proper installment of parts, accuracy of vaporizer outputs and machine cleanliness of grease, animal hair and other debris.

Oxygen Equipment

Oxygen equipment includes all of the necessary supplies used in supplying oxygen to the animals with anesthesia services. ARG, Inc. focuses on proper installation and operation of oxygen tanks and lines.


Patient Monitors

Patient Monitors are the vital sign monitors that read vital signs of the animal under anesthesia. We provide service on patient monitors that allows for proper operation during surgical operations. 

Waste Gas Systems

The allowance of anesthetic agent to be safely filtered from surgical rooms via central waste gas evacuation systems or an F-air canister. We install effective waste gas lines that optimize anesthetic agent and offers a safe environment for surgeries.

Surgical Room Development

Preparing the surgical room for the operation with all of the necessary equipment and general items needed for surgical operations. These items include anesthesia machine stands, carts, surgical tables and lights.


We are a registered vendor for numerous medical supply companies around the country. Therefore, ARG, Inc. offers anesthesia machines and parts, vaporizers, carbon dioxide absorbent (Litholyme), patient monitors, pulse oximeters, oxygen supplies, and surgical room equipment. Even if we do not carry a product you are seeking, we will help you find it using other vendors.

Vaporizer Repair

We provide the service to send in vaporizers that are faulty and need maintenance; this includes inaccurate outputs or damage to the body. We also convert vaporizers to utilize other anesthetic agents.